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Dr. Ron Castellucci

Dr. Ron has a life-long mission ‘to connect with, encourage and inspire others to become exceptional’. His journey began following graduation from Logan College in 1988.  Since then he has practiced in Missouri and Massachusetts before settling in Horse Shoe, North Carolina where he is in active practice. Dr. Ron is professor of clinical sciences at Sherman College and was three times honored with faculty member of the year. He is a national and international lecturer at chiropractic symposiums and teaches chiropractic care for children worldwide as an instructor for the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association. Dr. Castellucci has developed and teaches a unique pediatric analysis and adjusting technique using gentle contacts working with the natural biomechanics of an infant spine. Dr. Ron has developed Muscle Palpation techniques for the pediatric spine and designed an elegant spinal analysis tool known as the Touchpoint scan. In addition to his passion for chiropractic and teaching, Dr. Ron is actively involved serving his home community. He is on the advisory board of the Carolina Mountain Land Conservancy which is dedicated to protecting the natural resources in Western North Carolina. He enjoys fly-fishing, hiking and traveling with his wife Doreen.