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Mrs. Kelli Moore

Kelli Moore is a by-the-book compliance specialist and consultant who serves as the insurance and compliance “go-to” person for the Texas Chiropractic Association, sits on the Carrier Advisory Committee for Novitas Solutions (a Medicare carrier) and is a sought-after public speaker; teaching on a variety of subjects that revolve around compliance, documentation, office systems, advanced chiropractic assistant training, HIPAA, Stark Law, False Claims Act, Medicare, CPT Coding and more.
She first became involved with chiropractic as a chiropractic patient and success story in 1996. Shortly thereafter, realizing the value of chiropractic, she began her career as a chiropractic assistant. It didn’t take long to understand that insurance payers and attorneys regularly took advantage of the unsuspecting chiropractor by using a plethora of denials. She found it completely unacceptable for payments to be denied due to lack of medical necessity. This started her on the path of creating a compliant documentation system to support medical necessity and eliminate payment denials. This approach was so successful that she was able to quadruple the practice income. Word spread like wildfire within her local community and she found herself helping the neighboring clinics; eagerly sharing her documentation forms and systems. This expansion led to her owning and operating multiple clinics in multiple states.
To share the successes of increased income through compliance and documentation, the well-known consulting company, The Collection Coach, was established in 2007 with Kelli as founder and president. The mission of The Collection Coach was and is to help chiropractors collect more money while reducing the risk of audits. Then, in 2011, she began working as a compliance consultant and project manager for SilkOne, an EHR company, to buildout the first SMART chiropractic software. Under Kelli’s expertise, the developers were able to create an EHR that would audit the documentation in real-time, scrub the notes for carrier requirements and based on that, suggest the most appropriate CPT code.
These contributions to the chiropractic profession and her impeccable reputation lead to her being honored as Chiropractic Assistant of the Year in 2014.
To further her knowledge and understanding, she became certified as an MCS-P (Medical Compliance Specialist - Physician) in 2014. This certification was used to help more offices safeguard against civil monetary penalties, fines and adverse audit repayment requests. By 2015, she was singled out to become the chiropractic instructor of the MCS-P course.
Today, Kelli lives on a ranch in Arkansas, manages her husband’s chiropractic office, and continues to help chiropractors through consulting, public speaking, teaching courses in medical compliance and documentation and publishing articles.