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Dr. John C Nab


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Dr. John Nab, the Leadership Doctor, is a doctor of chiropractic turned corporate executive turned entrepreneur. That just means that he helps people and businesses become better versions of themselves. Dr. John grew up in Nebraska. As the oldest of 8 children, he was a natural leader. Leadership was an early interest of his, attending the National Junior Leader Instructor Camp (NJLIC) at Philmont Boy Scout Ranch and the Nebraska Boy’s State program helped refine his desire to learn more. He moved to Kansas City to attend chiropractic college with his father. A semester after starting chiropractic college one of Dr. John’s brothers joined them. Yes, that is right, Dr. John went to school with his father and brother! He also met Georgia at chiropractic college, and 14 years after graduating together, Dr. John and Georgia married. Practicing chiropractic was never in the cards for Dr. John. He managed a two-time AAU national champion baseball team, spent 11 years in banking, 7 years as director of his brother’s Chiropractic Clinic, 5 years as a chiropractic college administrator, and 6 years as a health care manufacturing company executive before starting his own business, Authentic Leadership Group in 2019. He has also served as a corporate director for many not-for-profit boards, including the Board of Trustees for Cleveland Chiropractic College and the National Board of Chiropractic Examiners. As a sought-after mentor, consultant and speaker around the United States, Dr. John is well versed in business operations for solo health care practitioners up to large manufacturing companies. He serves as a member of a speakers bureau for a malpractice insurance company providing leadership consulting to doctors, state associations and boards. Building on this success, Dr. John became a partner with his mentor, the renowned leadership expert John C. Maxwell. He is now a certified coach, speaker, and trainer on Maxwell’s global team. With a trademark direct yet relatable style, Dr. John shares practical steps and helps business leaders dig deep to find, develop, and leverage their strengths and to move into the fullness of their own potential.