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Dr. Amy Wood

I have dedicated my professional career to helping chiropractors in business. I practiced for over 16 years and as many had ups and downs in business. In 2010 my husband and I were audited by a major insurance company. We practiced what we teach. Many doctors are afraid to bill for what they do. Doctors are often misinformed on how to code and document properly so they can get maximum reimbursement. With proper systems and procedures, we routinely billed upper lever codes. (98492, 99201-99205, 99214-99215) During our audit the insurance company looked at the last 4 years work of files (105) patients. The documentation level for the for mentioned codes was spot on. We did not owe any money back for those services. Having a proven system that withstood an audit was proof enough for me that Evidenced based teaching was the right approach.

I teach from an Evidence based approach. I feel that if I show you were it says you can do what you do and you document accordingly you should get paid for what you do. I do not believe in the fear-based approach.

Chiropractors need to be educated in proper documentation and coding.

In 2004, I obtained my Medical Compliance Specialist-Physician Certification. This certification was 1 week of intense learning and understanding of the Medical profession as a whole both from the legal aspect to the treating sides. Each year we have to maintain 24 hours of CE hours to keep our certification. My knowledge of contracts and audit procedures helps me to streamline doctor’s practices into manageable workable profitable offices. I look at all aspects of compliance and documentation and coding. I want to make sure all doctors are well equipped with the tools they need to be successful knowing fully that compliance, documentation and coding are not what you like to do. I will help make this easy to handle and implement.

I have several programs for staff training and onsite training for the whole office. I work with Chiropractors and integrated (Blended) practices. 

In 2015, I was asked to Chair the Texas Chiropractic Association Insurance Committee. This was an honor to be able to help the profession in this capacity. I will help fight for Chiropractic and its inclusion and non-discrimination from insurance companies. I will help fight for the expansion of scope and whatever else comes our way.